Monday, March 29, 2010

Spirtual Monday

My girls 3/29/10 Alaina 3/29/10

Today was a very interesting day I must say ;) Last night when I was praying I started thinking about my mother. I don't remember much about her, but wondered if she was watching over me. Then under my breath I asked if she was there to give me a sign, but nothing, so I went to sleep.

Well, this morning I took the girls to Target to get some odds and ends. When I walked over to get a cart there was a nice size candle in a clear plastic bag just sitting in the bottom. I thought it was weird since it wasn't in a Target bag and on top of that it wasn't new, because the wick was burned before. I just placed it in my car and continued putting the kids in the cart.

While I was shopping I saw the candle isle, which got me thinking about the candle I found. Then I remembered what happened to my gram on my wedding day. When she was up lighting the wedding candle (I asked her to do it since my mom passed away) it wouldn't light for her. She stood there with the lit wick touching the other wick, but nothing!

Then all of a sudden the wick just lit up big and she heard my mother's voice calling her and telling her that she was there. My gram told my dad to go down and let me know and of course I started balling my eyes out.

When I got home I brought the candle in and when I smelled it, I automatically thought of the nursing home my mom lived at for 14 years. The candle actually smelled like the nursing home. Not the greatest smell in the world, but that's what it reminded me of. WOW! Plus it has my mom's favorite colors turquoise and peach in it to! I had to call and tell Matt and my dad and they both thought it was weird to. I believe that was my "sign" I asked for last night. :)

The infamous candle

Then at the gym, I met this girl named Jen who has all the same problems as me! She also had a couple other things, but it was so nice to meet someone who knew what I was going through. We talked about our experiences and she gave me some good advice. Before I knew it I burned 550 calories! She never tried Zumba before so she's going to go with me next time. :)

When I got home me and Alaina did some Easter crafts. We made a chick and a bunny. She had so much fun tracing her hands for the chick's wings and putting glue on everything lol! Here are some pics of her Easter pals :)

Gluing cotton balls on the Bunny's belly :)
Making Easter pals

Well, I am going to go watch Have You Heard About the Morgans with Matt. Goodnight everyone and God Bless!

Today's quote is, "If you want anything said, ask a man. If you want anything done, ask a woman."
Margaret Thatcher



Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

That is so strange about the candle! I never heard the candle story from your wedding.
I'm sure your mom is looking down on you. As a mom, I can honestly say that I would never stop watching my kids!
I love the Easter crafts Alaina made-very cute!

Ashley said...

Thanks Stef! This morning when I went into the livingroom I immediately thought of the nursing home because of the candle smell. I don't really like the smell, but feel guilty putting it away hmmm....I got the chick idea from my cousin, but didn't have feathers so I took a couple out of my feather duster lol! Then Alaina wanted to make a Easter bunny, so we winged it ;)