Sunday, March 28, 2010

Go fish!

Alaina loving her new fishy 3/28/10

Hello! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. The weather hasn't been the greatest, but that didn't stop us from enjoying the weekend before Easter. My brother's gf, Amanda invited my sister and I for a girls day out, so Saturday we spent most of the day at Ross Park Mall. I rarely go there, unless it's to get something quick, because the girls get fussy, so it was nice being able to take our time and check out all the new stores, while Matt watched the girls.

Kelly and Amanda had a good time making fun of my "old lady" taste in clothes lol! I did get some nice items to add to my wardrobe with their help :) Can't wait for income tax to come in so we can do it again and hopefully I will be down another dress size ;)

After shopping, my back was bothering me so we just watched movies and this psychic kids show til about 2am. It was very interesting yet scary. Hopefully my kids don't ever possess that ability :/

This morning we were supposed to go to church, but after Matt turned off the alarm we ALL slept til about 11:15! My girls must have been tired because we NEVER get to sleep that long. I can understand why we were so tired but my girls? Maybe.... we were to sleep in for a reason. I'm always trying to find reason in things lol!

I was pretty upset with myself though, because I had the girls diaper bags ready and clothes set out and everything. We will be sure to go next week for Easter. Can you believe that Easter is next week? I can't beleive it! It makes me happy to know that the warmer weather is right around the corner. I have a ton of ideas I would like to do with the girls this summer. Now I just need to get myself in better shape so I can fulfill all my ideas. I'm determined though! :)

Since we got up late, we got ready and went to McD's for lunch. Then Alaina went and played in the jungle gym. Alaina is sooooo funny when she's around other kids. She get's so excited and even told this lil boy that he was "So cute!" and kissed him on the cheek. :) Daddy told her nicely in the car that she can't just go kissing anyone she wants lol! I bust out laughing and told him to chill out it was a lil boy and he got this grin on his face and said "She can't get in the habit of doing that." How funny is that! He's already acting like she's bringing home boys.

Alaina was having a good old time going through all the tunnels and mazes. The only thing she would not do is go down that slide. Ever since Ethan pushed her down the slide, she is afraid to. Occasionally she will go down with my help, but other than that she just sits at the top hesitating.

Well, a few kids didn't want to wait any longer, so they tried pushing her down. That girl grabbed their hands and told them "No! Be nice!" LOL! I'm so glad that she holds her own. Everywhere we go she has all these followers. I was pretty much a follower in school, so it's awesome to see my daughter be independent and true to herself.
3/28/10 The boy with the binkie is the boy she kissed lol!

After lunch, we went to the pet store and finally got Alaina her new fishy lol! With Matt having surgery and planning Bella's Baptism, I totally forgot to get her a new fish. We went the day Pinky died to get one, but the pet store was closed and Wal-mart's fish were either dead or nearly dead :( I wrote them an email, telling them that they need to do something about their fish or else.

Anyways, she got another purple Beta fish and we named her Ariel :) The rest of our evening consisted of watching movies and Matt cooking fattening food like wings, cheese fries and spinach dip. Alaina just loved the dip. She was licking her fingers and saying mmm and yummy. It was so funny.
Alaina enjoying the dip :)
Thanks to my hubby's love for cooking, I will have to work extra hard at the gym tomorrow lol! Have a good night everyone!

Today's quote is, Some people have such a talent for making the best of a bad situation that they go around creating bad situations so they can make the best of them. Jean Kerr

3/28/10 She loves her new fishy :) 3/28/10 Lani peeking down

Bella trying to crawl :)
3/28/10 Bella blue

3/28/10 Ariel
3/28/10 My sweet Bella boo

Bella 3/28/10