Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tutu Tuesday

Tuesdays are so crazy for me! It's always packed full of errands. At least the day goes fast. Shortly after Alaina's preschool, Matt and the girls came with me to my sonogram. We had so much fun seeing Caylin's active little body up on the screen. The tech went through all the body parts and Bella said, "She's naked Dr! Put on a dress for her PLEASE!" It was hilarious!

 Caylin Grace 26w 5days

The the tech even allowed the girls to push the print button and gave them each a pic of their baby SIS. We can rest easy now, because she got a good view this time and she is all girl lol. I would have been glad either way, but as you know, I like to shop, and that's what I've been doing ever since we got a
"pretty sure it's a girl" answer.

Plus, my wonderful hubby bought me a Coach diaper bag a couple months ago as a "pushing" gift and it's probably too late to return. Then again I like it more than the blue one, so I probably would have picked that one either way. The nice thing about this one is that it says that it can also be used as a laptop, overnight bag or whatever you like and for that price you want it to last! I love it soooo much! Thank you honey!

We still have to get Caylin's nursery done, but she will be in our room the first few months anyways, and I want to paint it, get new carpet, new crib and redo Alaina's closet before Bella moves in with Alaina. I'm sure a lot of that will get done when the "nesting phase" kicks in lol!

After my sonogram it was off to ballet. Alaina got her dalmatian costume. It looks more like a cat to me, but either way she looks adorable in it! The parents even got a sneak peek of what's to come in June at her recital. The girls were being shy when showing us, but I'm sure that will go away by June. It's nice to see all of those Tuesdays classes come together. I'm so excited to see her up on that stage!

Matt and the girls have colds and I'm praying it skips me til at least after my brother's wedding on Saturday. At least the weather will be warm, actually it's going to be more than warm. High of 84 in May! Sick or not these girls don't let anything bring them down lol! 

 She's so full of personality. I love it!