Friday, May 18, 2012

Alaina's 1st Mani/Pedi

 Yesterday Alaina had her first mani and pedi done for my brother's wedding. She's not in the wedding, but I planned on getting mine done and wanted her to feel special too. My SIL never had a pedi before, so she joined in on the fun.

We had a great time! Anne and I kept trying to figure out the massage modes on the chairs and instead you would see me either the whole way up or back. Eventually, I got it down, but it was funny.

Alaina was in the zone. We tried to get her to smile, but she kept a close eye on that lady doing her feet lol! They treat the kids so nice there. She got spoiled with a red slushy, dvd player, and a cute bunny chair to sit in. I did see a big smile when she saw the flowers painted on her purple nails. She's so cute!

Anne and I were also offered complimentary drinks. Anne got a margarita lol! Of course I passed on the alcohol. I so needed a relaxing evening out. I'm so looking forward to the day that mommy can do these things with all three of her girls! Oh we are going to have some good times, so we are ;)Will def have to do it again soon. Before long I won't be able to reach my toes with this growing belly lol!
Anne enjoying her first pedi. She picked a hot pink color. 

My baby's 1st pedi. Your nails are beautiful honey!

 She loves her pretty flowers
 Cute lil purple toes!