Thursday, February 9, 2012

Baby Update

At my January 24th sonogram I was informed that the subchorionic hemorrhage was gone! Just like that it disappeared. If that wasn't good enough news, my ob told me that all my gest.diabetes bloodwork came back good or normal. I still have to take the insulin and keep track of my sugar readings, but at least I can rest easy knowing that my diabetes most likely didn't affect the baby's development and now I don't have to worry about the hemorrhage causing any problems either. It was a very good day I must say! God is good!

Baby cranberry now has little hands and feet. His/her heart beat was 171, and kinda looked like a duck lol! Bella got to go with mommy to my ob appt. two days later and we experienced hearing the heartbeat for the first time together. It was a very special moment. Can't wait for my girls to meet thier new brother or sister!