Thursday, March 31, 2011

Super Bella

We definately have our hands full lol! 3/31/11

My Bella boo never fails to surprise me. That 18 month old is like a monkey the way she climbs on things and holds herself up for moments at a time. Like her sister, Bella rolled over the day we brought her home on our bed and was lifting up her head the same week. Around 7.5 months she could pull herself up in a sitting position when Matt would lay her down on the couch and hold her feet. At 10.5 months she would carry those big boxes of diapers around!

Now for fun she carries around this 6 lb weight around or anything else she can lift. She started climbing out of her crib at almost 16 months. Luckily, she hasn't tried again for awhile. We also have to watch, because if Bella is hungry she will pull herself up onto her highchair's tray table and climb right into it. We have found her doing this on numerous occasions now.

I know there are other babies that could do the same thing and even more, but for Matt to freak out at her "superbaby" strength and ability, makes me wonder if she doesn't have some kind of super powers or maybe she does get it from her daddy, so he says ;)  I'm just going take credit by saying she's that way from me breastfeeding haha. :)


Standing up on her horse

No hands

What are you looking at daddy?

Playing hockey

Here let me give you a lil taparoo haha

Playing hockey with daddy.

Stop hitting my bum bum daddy!

Don't mess with me daddy!

I have a stick and know how to use it! lol

Hey I told you to stop picking on me pops!


You asked for it! haha

One thing is for sure, we have our hands full lol!