Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rapunzel Day

Happy Rapunzel/Tangled day! I think I was more excited than my girls that the Tangled dvd came out today. I've been counting down the days haha. It's my new favorite Princess movie. :)

Well, I've been telling the girls that we would have a Rapunzel day filled with purple and fun, so Alaina has been asking me "how many more days mommy?" for the past week or so. We started our morning with berry filled pancakes and grape juice.

After breakfast the girls got their Rapunzel shirts on and I even wore a purple shirt for our trip to GE, CVS and the Disney store.  We went an hour early so the girls could play in the play area. I was surprised how many other moms had the same idea.

Then I allowed the girls to pick out one toy at the Disney store. Alaina wanted the Rapunzel doll she didn't have and promised to give Bella her other one, and according to her, "Bella would "love" the Flynn doll to.", so that's what Bella got lol!

Surprisingly, she does like that doll. Daddy watch out lol! They both got free Rapunzel totes to! I love when things like that happen when you don't expect it. ;) We ended our morning with lunch at Mcdonalds and stopped at Matt's work on our way home to drop him off some lunch to. They get so excited when he walks up to the car as if they haven't seen him for a week. It's so cute!

When we got home we made our purple cupcakes and purple jello. Then I laid Bella down for her nap while Alaina and I enjoyed the Tangled dvd. We will be watching it again when daddy gets home, since he didn't see it yet. Alaina is currently coloring some Tangled coloring pages I printed out for her. :)

Purple cupcakes

For dinner we are going to have some of Rapunzel's favorite, hazelnut soup in a pot pie. Well, that's what I told the girls haha. We are actually having chicken pot pie and our purple cupcakes for dessert. Purple jello for this lucky gal lol.

Hopefully, my determination will pay off. I am 2.5 lbs down now, which is big for me, because it's really hard to lose weight when I'm always in pain. It's been pretty bad these past couple days. All I want to do is lay on the heating pad or tub and sleep. My iron has been low to, so that probably don't help any. I've been trying to eat more protein, so hopefully I feel back to myself soon.
2.5lbs down! Not much but it's a start.

Anyways, it was a wonderful day so far. The girls seemed to really enjoy it. I woke up this morning to Bella talking away in her crib per usual and when I walked in she said, "Hi mommy, help me." while lifting her arms up to get out. OMG! It just hit me then and there that my baby is growing into a little girl. She's saying four word sentences at 18 months, which is amazing to me!

Some other words she can say, maybe not so clear but I know what she's saying is, cracker, cookie, horse, doggie, kittie, mommy, daddy, sissy, sorry, help me, hi, bye, pretty, moo, ouch, boo boo, hello, emmy, sydney, e, no, kiss, awe, up, down, doll, baby, ba ba, juice, Bella, strawberry, I love you, A B, please and I know there are more that I'm missing but that's the ones that come to mind. Alaina must be teaching her a lot, because she is saying something new everyday it seems. Before long I will have two lil girls in school. :( I will hold on as long as I can now. Too bad I didn't have hair like Rapunzels lol! I could keep them young forever. jk ;)


HAPPY RAPUNZEL DAY!!! Don't forget some days you just need to put your feet up and let down your hair ;)


Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

What a fun day with your girls!
I hope you get some relief soon. Congrats on the weight loss!

Ashley said...

Thank you so much Stef <3