Monday, June 11, 2012

Alaina's Last T-ball Game for the Season

 Last Tuesday (June 5th) was Alaina's last t-ball game. Matt's mom, sis and Marcus came to watch too. Bella just loved feeding Marcus and walking him around like a dog lol! She adores him.

Alaina def keeps us entertained during these games lol! If it's not her playing in the dirt, dancing her way to the bases, waving to us, running with her hands caught in the helmet cage, chatting away to the other players, putting her glove on her head, turning her hat sideways just to annoy daddy or the latest, my mother in-law Kathy caught her spitting like a ball player a few times while on the pitchers mound, it just wouldn't be the same lol! Gotta love her!
After the game the coach got the players pizza and cupcakes to celebrate the end of the season. Then they got their trophies. As soon as the coach told the kids about getting trophies, Alaina has been asking non-stop how many more days, so she was thrilled when the time finally came.

I love how the coach picked nicknames for all the players. Alaina got her trophy first and the coach picked Teddy Roosevelt for her nickname, because she's soft-spoken, but carries a big stick. LOL! How true is that! She don't care for the field, but never fails when up to bat. Thank you to all of those who came to watch Alaina play. It means a lot! 

A video from the previous game of Alaina hitting. She thought she was out, because the 1st basemen coach waved the other player to run, but right after he told Alaina she was safe. Then she had the biggest smile on her face then.<3

 Bella and Marcus

 Bella boo
 Alaina with her sis, gram, Aunt and cousin Marcus

 Receiving her trophy :)

 With Coach Lyon
 Alaina you are truly a ray of light and we couldn't be more proud of you! We love you honey!