Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas 2011

I trust that you all had a wonderful and merry Christmas. Other than feeling a little sick, it was just that with our family. We even got to sleep in, well everyone but me haha.

I was the first one up around 7:30am thanks to my dad and his "wake those kids up" call lol! When it turned 9am, I decided to go jump on our bed and yell, "Santa came! Santa came!" That worked ;) We allowed the girls to sleep in our bed, so we didn't have any "sleepwalkers" while helping Santa.

 All snug in mommy and daddy's bed :)


Once the girls realized that it was Christmas morning, there was no stopping them from running to that tree surrounded by gifts. I love the looks they give when they first see that tree. It's priceless! Makes all that hard work worthwhile just to see that infamous shocked look.

Then it was go time! Wrapping paper thrown here and there, "Can you open this?", Wow! look mommy!, Look daddy!, Baby!, Barbie!, "Can I eat one more piece of chocolate?" Gotta love it!

Christmas 2011 morning

Look what Santa brought daddy! A barbie house!


Baby stuff!

Alaina got daddy some new pj pants and Bella got him slippers

 Christmas morning

She got her baby!

Santa isn't so bad after all!

 A Dyson vacuum just like mommy! It really vacuums too!

One of mommy and daddy gifts to her. A flatten me book with her as the main character.

 She got her ballerina bear.

 Awwwwww!!! It's a kitty!
 What!!! It really moves too!!!!

 Matt opening one of his gifts
 A Invicta watch! I got the one he liked too! He only told me he saw one on tv the other day that he'd wear, so I did some research ;)

 Opening stockings
Don't ask her to see her baby haha

A Canon backpack! I love it! You can put your camera and it has all these different compartments for your lenses and what not. Thanks Matt!

 The girls also got him a canvas pic of his fav pose of them.

 Matt got me this beautiful mother necklace with ours and the girls birthstones added. There is room for more too ;)

Love the jewelry chest too!

 An inversion table! He wanted one for awhile, so Santa got it.

A sewing machine! Soon I will be making the girls some skirts and what not. If I don't sew my fingers together! haha

 Who is going to clean up this mess? hmmmm.... lol

Once all the gifts were open and the girls played with some of thier new toys, we then got ready for my Grandma Durci's house for lunch.

 Enjoying thier toys. That baby was so realistic!

Once our bellies were full of yummy roast and we visited my mom's side for awhile, it was off to my Grandma Ross's house.

 Getting some help from her Great Aunt Kathy

 Enjoying her ballerina barbies Great Grandma Ross got her

 Bella with her buddy, Uncle Justin

Bella with pappy Ross

 With my Gram

 Grandma Ross with some of her kiddos including my dad in the middle

 Gram with her daughters

 Alaina with her Great Gram
Bella with her Great Gram

If our bellies weren't full enough, it was then off to my dad's house to exchange gifts, eat and visit lol.
Opening gifts
 Thanks for the umbrella, stuffed animal and princess stuff Aunt Kelly!

 Ethan opening our gifts

 Thank you pappy for the Fijit! I love it!

A karaoke machine!!!
 She was so excited to try it out
 Singing away

 Enjoying his gifts
 More gifts!
 Thanks Uncle Justin and Aunt Amanda for all the great gifts.

Dad opening one of his gifts from us. He needed a new coffee maker, so there ya go pops haha.

As you can see we had another wonderful Christmas! This year Santa brought us a very BIG early Christmas gift as well. We are truly blessed! Thank you to everyone who have been supportive and who made our holidays that much more special. We love you! God Bless!


Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

Just got caught up on your Christmas Eve/Christmas Day posts!
I love all the pictures. It looks like your girls had a great holiday! So sorry we missed seeing you!