Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Halloween!


Last Sunday was Halloween. It was also our trick-or-treat. Wasn't too crazy about having it on a Sunday, but what can you do? The girls looked adorable in their costumes and were SO good. We stayed out the whole two hours. As you can see my lil pumpkins made out pretty well. I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Halloween.

PhotobucketAlaina feel asleep before we even started, but that didn't stop her from having a great time.
PhotobucketBella the adorable flower
PhotobucketSammie with her son Landon, the dinosaur
PhotobucketSammie with her cute lil family
PhotobucketAt grandmas'
PhotobucketHe's so cute!
PhotobucketDo dinosaurs bite? haha
PhotobucketLove her!
PhotobucketEnjoying the leaves
PhotobucketWith my adorable butterfly
PhotobucketAlaina with gram
PhotobucketAlaina and mommy
PhotobucketWith Alaina and Brian
PhotobucketThe sky was beautiful!
Photobuckettrick or treat
PhotobucketThey are so cute together!
PhotobucketBella with daddy
PhotobucketDaddy looked scary
PhotobucketAlaina going up to get candy
PhotobucketAlaina the butterfly
PhotobucketLandon with his mommy
PhotobucketTrick or treat
PhotobucketHappy Halloween!
PhotobucketLandon with his daddy
PhotobucketLandon with his Uncle Lil Matt
PhotobucketBella with Bunny
PhotobucketChris with his brother Brian
PhotobucketShe had so much fun
PhotobucketBella with gram
PhotobucketEnjoying being warm :)
PhotobucketTime to relax
PhotobucketBella with gram
PhotobucketAlaina with her candy
PhotobucketShe's in heaven!
Photobucket"Someone gave me a furry ball." Lol She even got 4 free karate lessons.
PhotobucketHappy Halloween!


Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I'm glad they had fun trick or treating!